Monday, March 17, 2008

Boys' Rompers

Boy's shirts

Little Einsteins Spaceship: Turtle:



Navy/white gingham circle with name:

Navy circle with initial & name: Lollie dot fabric initial & name:

Name cut out of fabric with zig zag stitching:

Sailboat fabric square with initials:

Brown minky dot initial:

Chocolate & lime stripe fabric with name:

Digger with name:Baseball & glove:

Airplanes with name:


Alligator with name & team:

blue corduroy intial with chocolate brown name:

Striped peace sign:

Football player:
Tractor: Frog:
Monkey fabric square with initials:


Star with initial & name:

Bandana initial with black name:

train with name:

Cowboy and initial:

Pirate boy:


Initial in circle with name & monkey fabric initial with name:Soccer ball:

Navy natural circle initials:

Construction initials with name:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Girl's Shirts